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Comps From Sold Homes In Your Area

The co-founders of Real Estate Comps Today have been real estate investors, mentors and public speakers for over 20 years, having worked with thousands of investors throughout the U.S.

As real estate coaches, the most common question we get from our students is: “Where can I get house comps in my area”? “Can I get them online”?

The answer has always been the same: “No”. We’ve had to explain to thousands of people over the years that there is no reliable, accurate place online for them to get real MLS comps from an agent.

The one and only way to know you are getting good, reliable, accurate comps is to get them from your real estate agent.

Because of the overwhelming demand for this service, we’ve now created a website that allows people to go online and request comps for any property, nationwide, for a very small fee.

In the process of solving this problem for our clients, we’ve also learned that everyday homeowners and buyers who don’t yet have an agent are very excited to use this service as well.